1948 Cadillac Eldorado

Name: Rodney Clements
Location: Phenix City, Alabama
Photographer: Myself
Brand name of kit(s): Revell Foose Custom Cadillac
List of mods:
1. Opened up the wheel wells all the way around to start off the modern look.
2. Added a seemed of Aoshima 20″ wheels to fit the new wheel wells.
3. Z’d the frame up front which created another list of needed mods; Sectioning the firewall, getting the air cleaner lower to clear the hood, and trimming the front framework to fit recessed.
4. Notched the rear frame and lowered the rear suspension.
5. Added the custom steering wheel and a different engine pulley system for hood clearance from the parts box.
Duplicolor Perfect Match Bright Silver Metallic base
Duplicolor Perfect Match Sonic Blue Pearl top coat
Duplicolor Perfect Match Cayman Green quick dusting immediately following top coat
Rustoleum 2X Clear Coat
The kit is very nice and I can see using the detailed chassis under other projects. The windshield frame was slightly bent out of the box. I was able correct it. Revell has already implemented a fix for the packaging issue. All in all, a really fun build and I see more of these kits in my future!! Modeling on!!!