Dirtbag Henry

Name: Chazz R.
Location: Tustin
Photographer: Myself
Brand name of kit(s): Revell Henry J Gasser “Saints Edition”
Revell’s Henry J gasser kit turned into a Monster I call “Dirtbag Henry!” Originally built as a gasser dressed in satin light blue back in 2010, I decided to restore it & though I did a little work here & there, I got burnt out on this project & it just sat until this year! I wanted something wild & never seen before, plus it had to be tall & sketchy as hell too!! I think I accomplished that cause this beast stands 7 inches tall! The fuel tank in front keeps that gasser look going! Painted in Rustoleum satin ink blue over primer red, this project is also the first time that I used Dr. Cranky’s salt method, but since I don’t own an airbrush, I used spray paint which worked out just as well! The weathering is all by hand using acrylic paint & AK Interactive weathering paints.

The kit’s involved is the RevellPontiac J2000, the front bumper from AMT’s USA1 Monster truck & the suspension, rims & tires are from Monograms Quadzilla kit! I scratchbuilt the chassis with front bumper mount which is painted in Krylon flat black, all of the plumbing, connectors & bolts, battery tray, aluminum drive shafts, exhaust for the turbos, back half of the kit’s rollbar, nos bottle stand, brackets for the fuel tank, fuel tank, throttle linkage, inner door handle brackets, dipstick & the stand for the switch box. The body & the back half of the floor I used my dremel for the holes & dents plus I used the dremel to open up the sections in the door panels then roughed them up a bit! I added window panels with drilled holes & a metal mesh for the rear window.

The firewall I filled in the trans tunnel, used sheet styrene for the front half of the floor which I cut out a section for where the transmission cables go & added a pocket for the battery that sits behind the driver seat. The trans tunnel from the J2000 kit sits over this opened section in the floor & also from the J2000 kit, the radiator & partial half of the pro street chassis with the air vent for the radiator, are modified to fit the chassis. I eliminated the tilt front end, gluing the fenders on then hinging the hood forward & I added a plastic strip for the front grille to sit on! The hood opening was deleted for a stock look, the lenco trans was shortened, I added a guage deal & clear plastic over it. The lettering on the back is done by hand with acrylic paint then filled in with a red sharpie! The rims are painted satin ink blue then detailed with a chrome pen & black acrylic paint. There is so much involved with this build & I’m happy how it turned out which was beyond my expectations!