Eightyone81 Pandem R32 “The Vision”

Name: Daniel Otero
Location: Vernon, New Jersey
Photographer: Daniel Otero
Brand name of kit(s): Eightyone81 Pandem GT-R R32 / Tamiya Nismo GT-R R32
It started as a Tamiya Nissan GT-R R32 Nismo and soon using Eightyone81 Pandem widebody, stripped chassis, and full RB26 engine kit it soon became a full race car I have dreamt of building and was planned out for two months back in 2017 and it has taken 6 to 7 months to build and finish but the body is done in Tamiya Mica Blue over a pearlescent clear coat along with a lot of carbon fiber bits and custom decals from HD. The front has a Nismo Intercooler and a soft tow hook with “The Vision” painted on it as it’s the nickname for the car as it’s the vision of how I would personally build an R32 if I had the chance to build a real one. For the engine used some mods as for like catch can, exposed cam shaft gears, AN hose joints, steel braided lines, and custom down pipes from the Greddy T37 turbos down to a full exhaust but also has a custom open dump out from the hood. Interior we have a Bride seat with a full 5 point Takata Harness, custom Nismo Shifter from Fugu Garage, battery and computer module relocation, along with the full stripped interior and painted candy red cage provided from Eightyone81, to the rear under we have a fuel cell from Eightyone81 and on the trunk we have the stock Nismo spoiler behind a HD Vortex Swan Neck Type 7 GT Wing done in full carbon with candy red trim to match the roll cage, from there we have carbon taillight housings with a turn singal delete. A tow hook from HD and a steel muffler from Zoom On Models. More on the exterior as for some of the various sponsor decals are some Japanese painted by myself with my name painted in Japanese along side the driver side window is one of my favorite touches. As for wheels I used Fugu Garage Volk TE37 SL 19” in Pure White with HD Volk SL decals the rim is wrapped in a Scale Production Toyo R888 stretched wall.

And that wraps up my build thank you for reading I also wanna give a shout out and thanks to all those that gave me tips and help with this build couldn’t do it with such a great community of model builders.