Monogram Land Rover

Name: Chazz Kustomz
Location: Tustin, CA
Photographer: Myself
Brand name of kit(s): Monogram
Been wanting this kit for years & last year I found it at a local Thrift Store for $4, brand new!! This isn’t a bad kit at all & it’s truly the ultimate unicorn kit! I had to update a few things to make it look right though. The top of the front pumpkin was hollowed out & could be seen from the engine bay, so I used milliput to create a top for it! The chassis was boxed in & painted satin black then weathered. I also added a custom scratch-built exhaust & brake lines. Did some inner fender work extending the fenders to the frame like it’s suppose to. The window cowl was glued in & molded plus the center hinge in the firewall was deleted & I scratch-built the correct hood hinge. The Land Rover was then painted in Rustoleum satin nutmeg brown & all details were hand painted!

For a little contrast, the rooftop & wheels are not painted. Sadly the decals didn’t stick excpet for the one on the back door! The moto-bike is from AMT’s double bike parts pack, handpainted & weathered & I added some plumbing to the bike. I scratchbuilt the bike rack using the carriers from the parts pack. I added sand paper to the rear deck & scratch-built the wheel straps! I painted the interior in Rustoleum satin black & hand painted the rear floor mat with black acrylic paint, added photoetched seatbelt buckles & seatbelts to the seats. The dashwas detailed & has scratchbuilt toggle switches, the correct column lever & aftermarket stereo with cd! I added snake skin floormats & speaker boxes from Revell’s Lincoln pro street. which were trimmed with a chrome pen & I added photo-etched speaker grilles. The engine block was molded together to create a seamless look to it.

I scratchbuilt the distributor, proportional valves, oil dipstick & the coil that’s mounted on firewall! I added wiring, brake lines & extended the air cleaner tube to the manifold plus I added a watch part for the radiator cap. For the roof rack, the trunk & ramp is from Tamiya’s Rally pack, the gas canfrom the parts bin & the bike tires is from AMT’s parts pack. Mirrors & headlight buckets are detailed with a chrome pen.