• Aoshima Lamborghini

    Name: James Fender Location: Wales, UK Photographer: Jame Fender Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima Information: Out of the box build
  • LB GTR r35

    Name: Charles Raymund Mendoza Location: Philippines Photographer: Same Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima Information: Aoshima LB r35 and Aoshima Engine r35
  • Tamiya Honda/Acura NSX

    Name: Tom Ruijter Location: The Netherlands Photographer: Tom Ruijter Brand name of kit(s): Tamiya Honda/Acura NSX Information: ​ Painted With Zero paints: Grey Primer Micro filler Ford Mustang Bullit Dark Metallic Green 2K Diamond Clear I Added some carbon fiber ...
  • AMT 1977 Monza

    Name: Robert Chadwick Location: NY Photographer: Robert Chadwick Brand name of kit(s): AMT Information: AMT 1977 MONZA 2t2, engine is a blown Chevy 350, opened up the rear wheel wells to get the bigger tires on, exhaust are made for ...
  • Tamiya Nissan 370Z

    Name: Ming Ming Hsieh Location: Taiwan Photographer: Friendly 影像處理 Brand Name of kit: Tamiya Nissan 370 Information: Custom package WORK VSXX 20” BRIDE CUGA
  • 2000 Honda Civic Convertible

    Name: Chazz R. Location: Home Photographer: Chazz R. Brand name of kit(s): Revell Information: Revell’s 2000 Honda Civic with seats, dash, gauge pod, steering wheel & center console from Revell’s 93′ Civic! Converted to a convertible then painted satin heirloom ...
  • Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

    Name: Andrei Labuzov Location: Moscow, Russia Photographer: Andrei Labuzov Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima Information: Hobby Design Detail Up Set Carbon Fiber Decals A lot wires, rivets, tubes and so on…
  • Nismo 350Z

    Name: Ian Jackson Location: New Plymouth, NZ Photographer: Ian Jackson Brand name of kit(s): Tamiya Information: Tamiya 24304 Nismo Fairlady-Z Built Straight from the box without modifications.