• AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin Rusty

    Name: Clay Davis on facebook Location: Baltimore Maryland Photographer: Clay Davis Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima Levin with engine kit Information: -Weather and rust toyota Levin with wide steel wheels and stretched tires
  • Ratchetlife

    Name. Bryan Valencia “124stancebuilt” Location. Los Angeles, California Photographer. Builder himself Brand kit. Revell honda civic Information. Exterior: -fenderless hatch -big moon roof cut out -gas door cut out -custom license plate duckbill -rims: Eightyone steelies (mint color) – paint ...
  • 64 Impala Detail Junkees

  • The Rocket Bunny

    Name: murrins_custom_models Location: Photographer: himself Brand of Kit(s): rocketbunny toyota gt86 with mitsubish evo 8 engine Information:
  • The Little Hatch That Could

    Name: Pedro Cotto Location: NEW JERSEY Photographer: Pete Gridie Brand of kit(s): Revell Honda Civic hatchback Information: First build , revell Honda civic hatch , fairly box stock . -eightyone SPOON SPORTS wheel set -custom Milliput SPOON SPORTS front lip ...
  • Scene Style MK5

    Name: Andrew Brown Location: England Photographer: Himself Brand of Kit(s): Custom Jada Die-cast Information: Slammed on multi spoke wheels painted blue, scratchbuilt roof rack with roof painted blue to match the wheels, illest wing and static decal on windscreen, rear ...
  • Silvia S13

    Name: Clay Davis on Face Book Location: Baltimore MD Photographer: Clay Davis Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima silvia s13 Information: S13 Silvia with Corvette LT4 v8 engine swap. Lowered ride height and Aoshima Modular VIP wheels with stretched Kiwami tires
  • Lion Heart

    Name: Victor (BACKYARDINC) Location: NEW JERSEY Photographer: Pete Gridie Name of Kit(s): Tamiya Honda S2000 Hardtop Information: built for a 3 month contest , lots of customizing in those short months . Kit is a curbside so needed to customize ...