1/16 Minicraft 1935 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Name: Jason GrUmPy Holliday
Location: New Market Tennessee
Photographer: GrUmPy’S Plastic Model Car Specialties
Brand name of kit(s): Minicraft
My club has a M.O.M. / Model Of Month each month of the year & we had a European M.O.M. Scheduled. I’d never built anything outside of the normal American cars & trucks. When I started my search I had no clue what I wanted to build so I typed in Classic European Cars into my search bar & started looking at all the beautiful curves & lines of the cars & then I saw the 1935 Morgan. The picture didn’t say what it was but it just looked interesting to me. When I finally figured out what the name of the car was it was like fate helped me find this car. Now I was hoping it came in an all Plastic Model Kit. (I’m anti diecast) once I found the model I had it bought & shipped from Japan. I thought it’d never get here since it took 5 weeks. I spent the next 2.5 months building, painting & detailing the Morgan as best as I could. The Morgan came in 2nd place in 2 separate model shows. Side note: this was my first time using an airbrush, but my wife bought me an indoor paint booth, airbrush & compressor just for this build.

PS. If you’re still wondering why this model & I were fated to be together; it’s because my daughter’s name is Morgan. I built this for her. GrUmPy….