Name: Rodney Clements
Location: Phenix City, Alabama
Photographer: myself
Brand name of kit(s): Lindberg
Started with the Lindberg 35 Auburn Boattail Speedster kit and built primarily stock. The body is made up of roughly 12 pieces, so it is quite difficult. There is a tremendous amount of sanding, filing, and filling involved. That is just the tip of the iceberg! This thing fought me all the way. I believe I had to trim or file every single part to fit. On the bright side, I would rather trim, than have to fill voids. I used the custom wheels out of a 67 Vette Kit, some rotors with calipers from a 2002 Vette Kit, and I modified the 67 Vette convertible top to fit. I also created a custom center trim on top of the body using a leftover parts box piece which I believe came from a 55 Chevy. The color is called Coral from Rustoleum 2X (over dark gray primer), and it has 2 nice coats of Rustoleum 2X gloss clear. Other mods include: wired engine, drastically lowered suspension, shortened the height on the taillights and added red stick-on jewels as lenses, custom split bumpers up front and tube bumper in the rear (parts box), carpet, right hand drive conversion, and the entire grill was done in bare metal foil and then black washed. I believe the amount of work it took to pull this off was well worth the end result. I finished it of with a few leftover Foose decals that I felt were appropriate. Enjoy!!!