1950 Chevy Pickup

Name:Shane Harrold
Brand name of kit(s): AMT & Revell
Started out with the AMT 1950 Chevy custom pick up kit..I modified and used the chassis out of the Revell Foose F100. For the engine,I robbed the one out of the Foose Caddy kit.It took awhile to make these 3 fit together.. I was also having issues with paint and this was the 7th time it was painted and finally cleared.. Fuel cap was from Detail Master,scratch built inner fenders 7 radiator support.Smoothed firewall.

Body- Everything was shaved and smoothed. Paint is PPG Phthalo green.PPG Clear. Front roll pan molded in. I used the kit rear fender extensions and also molded in the Foose F100 rear bumper.Detail master wood bed kit. I hinged the hood and made it reverse tilt with the idea from Steven Zimmerman.

Interior- box stock interior with detail, flocking and added a Future Attraction B&M shifter

Wheels/tires from Steven Zimmerman modified with Parts by Parks baby moons

Engine- Foose Caddy engine,MAD distributor,Detail Master wire looms & oil cap,valve cover breather from Pro Tech.Scratch built headers

Chassis- Foose F100 chassis modified to fit,scratch built driveshaft & exhaust.VCG aluminum mufflers.