Name: Troy Deal
Location: WI
Photographer: Troy Deal
Brand name of kit: Revell
The kit is a 1995 Revell model I bought at a model show for a dollar as a parts/junkyard kit. I made numerous changes to it, including wiring the 272 CI engine, using a router bit to create rust and rot-thru on the floorboards, cab, fenders and the wood box floor. I had cut a chunk of bench seat out and used two paperclips and pen springs for the corner of seat cushion, with foam padding peeking through. Made tinfoil molds of both doors and tailgate, instead of plastic parts from the kit to create sheet metal damage. Took over a month to complete. This truck is used to tow my pink and white ’55 Chevrolet Tudor sedan circle track stocker as a single unit (the ’55 Chevrolet is already built, also using tinfoil for sheet metal damage).