1965 Chevy II Gasser “Mini Homewrecker”

Name: Brian Mills
Location: Winder, GA
Photographer: Myself
Brand name of kit(s): Model car world – 1965 Chevy II 100 2dr. Sedan
NOV-65 1965 Chevy II 100 2dr. Sedan from model car world, AMT 1966 Nova SS kit for chassis
Bandit resins 1965 Chevy II kit for the interior tuband dash
AMERICAN 12 SPOKE 15″ MAG WHEELS, HALIBRAND 16″ REAR MAG WHEELS, M&H PIE CRUST 15″ DRAG SLICKS, *SUPER STOCK* Skinny Front Racing Tires 4 x 15 x 26″, Front leaf springs from Asst pack, FORD 9 INCH REAR END, all from Speed city resin
Resin 468 ci engine from B-N-L resin
Fender exit headers and wheelie bar from shapeways
Multiple parts from the parts bin
Custom made rear suspension and front straight axle
Roll cage scratch built
Model car garage moon tanks
Fully wired and detailed engine
Paint: duplicolor generic bright white