1965 Plymouth Belvedere “The Villain”

Name: Clifton Smith
Location: New Braunfels, Texas
Photographer: Cliff Smith
Brand name of kit(s): Moebius Models

The wheels are bare steelies from Fireball Modelworks. Also there are dual carter 4 barrel carbs on the 426 Max Wedge motor from Fireball Modelworks. The rear wheels were modified by using the chrome trim rings from the Revell 49 Merc to make the wheels deeper. Once widened I used Nitto drag radials from Fireball as well.
The engine is the kit engine, but topped by the dual carter carbs from Fireball. then painted Model Master Hemi orange then blackwashed. The carbs were given fuel lines with fuel filters made from clear plastic parts tree, I added engine wires with wire separators made from scrap sheet plastic.
The interior was painted red and I used red embossing powder instead of flocking for the carpet. I used the Molotow liquid chrome pen tp detail all the chrome accents. I used Detailn Master photo etch seatbelt buckles and tachometer. The interior also sports a red headliner made form red fleece material. ASide from measuring to get and cutting the tabs off the font spindles and the rearend there were not too many other modifications.
The car is named, “The Villain” because of the black paint job (DupliColor Universal Black with DupliColor Clear) and looked really evil.