1966 Cadillac Hearse

Name: Raymond Jayme
This is my first custom build I’ve done. Its a 1966 Cadillac ambulance converted to a low rider hearse. Nothing on it is original but the body, engine and dash. The body of the finished product is actually the third body I used to complete her. The other two crumbled when trying to open all the doors. I filled in the rear driver and passenger doors and made a two door caddy. The kit was a jo-han kit. The floors are from a 1965 Impala and the frame is from a 1958 Plymouth fury (aka Christine). The rear axle and front suspension are from a 1970 Monte Carlo. The wheels and tires are pegesus wheels. All the accessories are from hobby lobby, and eBay. The paint is rustoleum cranberry, theirs 4 coats base and five coats clear (rustoleum as well).