Name: Stephen Sammons
Location: Bristol,Tennessee
Photographer: Myself (Stephen Sammons)
Brand name of kit(s): AMT/Revell
The base kit was (obviously) AMT’s venerable old reissued 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner,but with lots of parts kitbashed from Revell’s 1968 Dodge Charger RT (drivetrain,narrowed to fit and correct for a 383cid car rear axle,wheels,dog dish caps,etc). Decals are Keith Marks,and it’s engine bay is wired and plummed. Paint is Tamiya from a can with Tamiya clear,and all chrome trim was hand painted (no BMF).

This is how I would have ordered the car had I been alive (I was born in ’73 :p ) and of driving age in 1968 🙂