1969 Dodge Dart GTS “1 Bad Mofo”

Name: Chazz R.
Location: Orange County, California
Photographer: myself
Brand name of kit(s): Revell
Bought this kit on Ebay as an open box item & really didn’t know what to do with it! Originally the 528 Hemi was intended to go into a ’67 Dodge Coronet R/T, but decided why not stuff it into the Dodge Dart! Glad I did, but it took some work to fit it in there! There is no paint or clear used! For being a 24 year old kit, the body & hood was flawless & straight out the box, it had a polished shine to it so I gave it a bit more shine on top of it!

– Polished & shined plastic body & hood
– BMF used for trim & some misc. decals
– Pegasus Big & Littles modified to fit & centers painted Tamiya Bronze
– Tire decals from Tamiya’s Tom’s Toyota Supra GT kit

Engine & Chassis
– Clearly Scale resin 528 Hemi with procharger
– Modified inner fenders to fit engine & covered in BMF
– Scratch built dipstick & fuel rail
– Aftermarket plumbing & wiring
– M.A.D. distributor & MSD box from Scaleproshop
– Detail Master coil & watch part for radiator cap
– Electric fan from parts bin & scratch built radiator bracket
– Aluminum exhaust & driveshaft
-3D printed narrowed rear end with disc brakes & lifted an inch
-Pegasus front brakes

-Custom floor mats, seatbelts, cd & magazines, Deatil Master Tach & photoetched shifter
-Detailed dash with clear plastic cover for the guages & futurattraction racing steering wheel
-Photoetched speaker grilles on rear deck & door panels