Name: Eric Ritz
Location: Ohio
Kit used: Revell 1970 Hemi Cuda

-3d printed Neon SRT4/ PT Cruiser Engine – the block, head, cam cover, intake plenum and oil pan were 3D printed the rest was scratch-built or machined (only kit parts are alternator, and throttlebody)

-Full independent suspension from the C5R Kit adapted to the fit tub’ed and massaged cuda chassis plate. Machined shocks and struts.

-Wheels are Aoshima Work Emotion 18’s with custom machined lips. Tires are from the tamiya Porsche 959. Lips painted with tamiya clear blue.

-Scratchbuilt roll cage and tube front frame section

-Smoothed interior tub, reworked dash for Digi-Dash and brake and clutch fluid reservoirs. Resivoirs turned from acrylic rod and filled with tinted future. Clearly Scale ACR seats.

-Flared fenders from Aoshima hakosuka works kit, molded in, scratchbuilt spoiler, and front air dam.

-Fully bellypan and diffuser covered in scale motorsports 1/24th scale twill carbon fiber and Alclad polished aluminum

-Paint is tamiya neutral gray followed by a white pearl mid-coat and then urethane clear. Accents are GunMetal non-buffing metalizer