Name: Rodney Clements
Location: Phenix City, Alabama
Photographer: myself
Brand name of kit(s): MPC
Started with a 72 Jeep Commando partial kit (body and interior minus hood/taillights) that I picked up for two dollars. After getting the warp out of this ultra thin kit, I chopped two scale inches out of the top. Wheels, tires, and rear end (had to be narrowed further)came from the 67 Chevelle pro street kit, wing, racing seat, and wheelie bars came from the 87 Thunderbird Motorsport Pro Mod kit, and the frame, some of the front suspension, and the rear section of the roll cage came from the Milidon Willys kit. The engine and every other part used came from the “parts box”. This thing is a kitbash special and a half. There are lots of scratchbuilt features like sections of the frame, the upper tubes up front (aluminum), the bed cover, the switch box, and the list goes on. The easiest part of the build was choosing the theme. Army was a no-brainer for this Veteran. The most challenging part of the build was wiring the dual distributors (16 wires). All in all it was a fun build!! Model on!!!