1975 Chevrolet Blazer

Name: Gerald Haney
Dentside Model Car Garage
Location: Grayson, Kentucky
Brand name of kit: MPC Snap kit 1:25
Model master international orange, Vallejo white on top. Filled in sunroof with sheet styrene n body putty, Vallejo weathering pigments, createx transparent black for the window tint, hairspray technique used to accomplish weathering, custom bumper stickers, Bocephus license plate, dechromed wheels, mirrors and bumpers, scratch built tachometer and wired, custom center console, weathered seats to accomplish worn seats, added scratch built Redman chewing tobacco, Druthers cup and straw and spit cup, Pepsi cans, Druthers fast food bags to add detail to interior since the kit didn’t have an engine. Weathered tires wheels, chassis, an windows with pigments..added the “wash me” to the back glass.