The Green Machine

Green Machine


Name: Victor (BACKYARDINC)
Location: NEW JERSEY
Photographer: Pete Gridie
Brand of kit(s): Revell 69 Chevy Nova / Revell 67 Chevelle Pro Street / late 90’s firebird dragster
*shaved fender vents
*dupli color lime green
*Testors dullcote clear

*3/4 chassis is from pro street
*modded Nova door panels/dash to fit
*styrene trans tunnel/driveshaft
*resin battery pack (trunk)
*resin fuel cell (trunk)
*race style shifter
*styrene rod made roll cage

*firebird kit engine used big 500+Cu big block
*random blower setup added
*modded pulleys/belts setup
*wired distributor added
*front half chassis from firebird kit , tubbed out

*3/4 from chevelle pro street
*1/4 firebird dragster
*pro star rims
*”M/T” rear slicks

** all chrome was dechromed and down in “black chrome” using “kousutte gin san” . A Japanese powder pigment , when rubbed on smooth , black painted surface creates a mirror LIKE finish . Other black chrome parts on car done same way .

*** light lenses painted with tamiya clear green .