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8-28-2015 007

Name: Steve Courtney
Location: Ohio
Photographer: Steve Courtney
Brand name of kit(s):
Where to start, lowered the fenders down, I removed the b-pillar, then shaved the drip rail and top of the door line, cut the doors and trunk open, and the taillights were filled. After getting all the body work right, it was time for paint, went for wanda white pearl with heavy violet pearl on top and the flames are House of Kolor colbolt blue with purple candy tips, but the first paint job didn’t go so well. I had to strip it and rodo most of the body work again. Paint job #2 worked so muck better this time, for those counting yes that’s 2 sets of flame mask used. For the motor, I just used the Caddy in the kit, modify the intake and used a modelhaus caddy filter. The interior is painted intermediate blue with craft felt as carpet.

I hope you enjoy it, everyone loves to see it at the shows and does well.

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