Name: Tim Hulsey
Location: Dalton, GA
Photographer: Tim Hulsey
Brand name of kit(s): Trumpeter 64 Ford Falcon, Revell (engine), Lindberg (suspension), Monogram (seats)
Build information:
This build was a lot of firsts for me. First time kit bashing more than just a couple parts. I’ll start with the body, painted Ford Dark Shadow Gray. First time adding/grafting a cowl. Other body modifications are shaved door handles and emblems all around. The antennae hole is also shaved. Chrome trim is done with bare metal foil. For the interior I flocked the floor for carpeting, added photo etch sunglasses and modified another piece of photo etch to simulate cup holders. The rear seat is the kit seat, the front seats are modified from a Monogram 92 Ford Mustang Gt kit because I wanted it to fit the custom look on the inside. The inner door locks are shaved. The steering column is scratch built from aluminum tubing and the steering wheel is from the Lindberg 38 Ford Custom Van. First time adding seat belts to any of my builds. For the engine I used the Boss Coyote 5.0 from the Revell 2013 Boss Mustang, the air intake tube is scratch built from solder. The headers are also scratch built from solder. The radiator and electric fan is also from the Boss Mustang kit. The exhaust is scratch built with aluminum tubing and polished with aftermarket flow master style mufflers from sweet scale detail. For the chassis, the rear axle and leaf springs are the kit parts, the front suspension is from the Lindberg 38 Ford custom Van to get it low up front. The rear leaf springs were heated and bent to lower the rear. The wheels are Pegasus Chrome T’s. 19″ in the front 23″ in the back with Pegasus rotors and calipers.