Name: Chazz R. aka: Chazz Kustomz
Location: Tustin, CA
Photographer: myself
Brand name of kit(s): Monogram 1937 Ford Panel Delivery
Just something never built before & wanted my build to be different for the Cruisin’ for a Cure car show that I attended last year! Took me a few months to finish this radical build & I was inspired by a blown rear engine 64′ chevy van I saw googling for ideas. For more pictures, please check out my slideshow at: my YouTube Channel by clicking here There is a lot involved in this project so here’s the 411 on Obnxus1!
Bmf’ed running boards, molded in barn doors & bumper slots, painted Rustoleum gloss blue.
Smoothed rear deck with added strips, scratch built engine & trans mounts, painted Rustoleum flat black.
Suspension, engine, brake booster, steering gear box, wheels & tires are from the Revell 32′ Ford kit.
*Note the front axle; I used the wishbone piece from the original 37′ front suspension & attached it to the 32’s front axle *
Chassis frame was gutted & filled with scratch built details to accommodate the newer suspension parts
Opened rear fenders, let’s the smoke in, custom 50’s tail lights are molded onto the fenders.
Custom tilt front end, scratch built custom hinges, detailed smiling skull that use to be a party ring with pin heads for eyes!
I grafted the radiator from Revell’s 32′ Rat Roaster onto the 37’s radiator.
Redid the 32′ Ford moon tank using the end caps attached to round tubing & bmf’ed with rubber moldings.
Scratch built battery clamps, battery tray, roll cage, plumbing & wiring details.
Parts by Parks distributor with gray wires & aluminum coil from Model Master.
I converted a 4×4 transfer case into a v-drive & scratch built a mount for it.
Bottom driveshaft, Revell’s Caddy Donk kit, shortened to fit with aluminum tubing.
Top driveshaft, Revell’s 32′ Ford kit, extremely shortened to fit also with aluminum tubing!
Center of spare tire was cut out & replaced with a matching rim from the parts bin.
Interior painted off white, flooring is real wood & behind the seats are simulated diamond plates.
Scratch built seat belts, buckles & seat stand that gives the seats a “Floating” look to it!
Inside door handles, shifter with Model A emblem on top, tach on bottom of dash & fire bottle from the parts bin.
Parts by Parks aluminum steering column, steering wheel from Revell’s 41′ Willys.
Engine is painted blue with matte clear, flat black headers with aluminum tubing.