Name: Kirby Hughes (65yrs old)
Location: St. Francis, Minnesota
Photographer Myself
Brand name of kit: Moebious Models 69 Ford F-100 Custom Cab
I wanted to build a “patina” style lowered shop truck. I z’d the frame behind the cab and moved the leaf springs 180 degrees on the rear axle.
I used some A-arms from my spare parts box and built a lowered front suspension. I Scratch-built some tubs for the front inner wheel-wells out of evergreen plastic sheet.
I used Tamiya acrylic paints (Nato-brown base and Light Blue). I used a “salt” method to get a patina look that I saw on You-tube.
I made a Mexican blanket seat-cover out of masking tape and various colors of thread. I learned how to do that on a You-tube video as well!
The six cylinder engine is wired, and I added a 4 barrel carb from my parts box. Also I made a hood hinge and a prop-rod from small gauge wire.
The exhaust pipe was shortened and angled down at the exit. I modified the rear step-bumper to fit in the rear of the pick-up bed.
The inner bed-floor was sectioned and moved up in the bed to make room for the tires after lowering the rear axle.



69 Ford F100 collage