69 Ford F100 Shop Truck

2-13-2016 003

1-12-2016 006

Name: Steve Courtney
Location: Ohio
Photographer: Steve Courtney
Brand name of kit: Moebius
Here is my beet down shop truck, using the Moebius Model King, and a Revell 64 T-Bolt kit. I used the hood, motor, front suspension, rear axle, and radiator from the T-bolt kit, and the wheels are from a 63 Impala kit. I grafted the T-bolt scoop onto the F-100 hood and drilled out the screens. Cut off the front 1/2 of the F-100 frame and add the T-bolt sub frame, so it has the T-bolt suspension, in the rear I did massive C-notch with a 2 link. The paint is wanda base that is dull coated, then the rest is weather systems powers and taymia thinned out and sprayed at a distance. The firewall is shaved to clear the valve covers and heads, and the motor is fully wired. You can see the whole build up on my youtube channel

1-9-2016 006

2-13-2016 001