Name: Tor Henning Engen
Location: Sauda, Norway
Photographer: Tor Henning Engen
Brand name of kit(s): Fujimi
Japanese kitted Autobianchi A112 Abarth. My build was in a Fujimi box, but same kit with only minor differences have been available from Nitto as kit nr 15078, 15079, 959, and 960. Today I am not sure from what Fujimi box it came, but Fujimi kit nr RS10, RS23, and 03314 are all this kit. Doyusha had the A112 in theire Excellent Car Collection. The kit might also have been printed by other Japanese manufactureres.

My build up have MRC’s Keystone wheels. Tires are from the Kyosho replacement parts series, street tires. Prototypical not equal any real tires, and there is a Kyosho script on them. Who cares, it was all about lowering, and stance. The stereo parts are casted, in resin, by Frank Sokalski, Norway.