C10 Chevrolet Pickup

Name: Gerald Haney – Dentside Model Car Garage
Location: Grayson Kentcuky
Brand name of kit: 1:25 AMT

4-month build time (started October 23, 2019 completed February 20, 2020)
I began building again as an adult in 2017. I own two 1978 Ford F100’s; one is a short bed (cruise & show truck) and the other is a long bed (daily driver). When I began taking my truck around to local cruises and shows I met a friend named Ronnie Stamper who told me that his other hobby was H.O. Scale model trains and model car building. Upon seeing his collection, it reminded me of all the models I used to try to build as a kid. Next thing you know I’m in a hobby shop buying my first kit as an adult. Not much later I was hooked.

INSPIRATION for this Build:
My late grandfather and late uncle had an aluminum siding business in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They were both Chevy guys and I grew up riding along to pick up materials or to visit job sites, watching them install windows, gutters, siding, awnings. All of my grandfather’s truck had a ladder rack. I built this truck using all of his past old Chevys as my inspiration, with today’s air ride technology and LS swaps as my modern twist on it.

Scratch Built Items and Tips:

Going to different local model shows in 2019, I met another builder from Kentucky named Justin Nevius (@lowlifescale) who built in the similar street truck style as me. While talking to him he pointed out a tip of drawing the frame rails out on graph paper to get proper alignment, wheelbase opening etc. He even shared sketches of some frames for various trucks. He is currently working on a ‘68 Chevy C10 short bed that I derived much motivation from upon seeing all his scratch work. I used those drawings and modified them to fit to my long bed and Plastruct 100 x .187 to construct my frame rails. I scratch built my ladder rack using Evergreen Plastic Rod #212 .080”. My inner fenders and core support were constructed to appear bead rolled-another tip from Justin using Evergreen Plastic Flat sheet stock #9015 .015” Thickness. I made templates out of thin cardboard. With that being said, I rebuilt them three times to get all the clearances worked out so that I was pleased with the result. I scratch built the exhaust using Evergreen rod that I heated and bent using hot water. From the outlet side of the muffler over the rear end housing I used solder 40/60. I cut the opening in my bed floor to allow the rear suspension to rise through the floor. I removed the wheel wells from the bed floor and widened them using more sheet plastic then reattached them. The frame scratch worked included scratch building a fuel tank, rear 4 link control arms, two-piece Drive shaft, battery tray, cross members, lower front control arms, air bag brackets, and cab mounts. I also had to scratch build and new trans tunnel and bottom floor of the cab. I again used Evergreen Flat Stock to accomplish this.

Items sourced from other kits:
Rear End, front upper control arms, Mufflers, Radiator are all from a Nascar Kit, Rack N Pinion steering and steering rod from an AMT Dodge Viper kit. The air bags are o-rings purchased from a local auto parts store

Paint & Finish Notes:
After primering the truck, I airbrushed a base coat of rust color using Createx Detail burnt Umber 0069. Two light coats of hairspray were applied over the cab and bed. The body lines were taped off and Createx Opaque White was applied on the cab and beltline of the truck. Tamiya Sky Blue was used above and below the beltline. Light sanding was done to remove small areas of the hairspray to reveal the rust color below.
The pipe rack was painted Black using Vallejo paint and weathered using Vallejo pigments.
The frame was primer painted black then on the top-coat I used Vallejo Natural Steel color.
I used Tamiya’s black Panel Line accent to wash over the front grill to add detail and depth.
Light dust colored Vallejo Pigments were used on the engine bay for weathering.
Bare Metal foil was used on the windshield, wing window, and the trim along the sides and tailgate. After Foil was completed the trim along the bottom and tailgate was hand painted using a Vallejo Burnt Umber brown to mimic the wood grain on the original truck trim. A coat of the Tamiya black panel line accent was applied to the top trim along the side of the truck.
Decals were custom made from Speedway Decals and include my grandfather and uncle’s old telephone numbers.
I custom made front and rear License plates. Colored printed on paper with glossy scotch tape over. My grandfather’s initials and the year of the truck signify the “WEWS 72”

Air Lines were ran using K+S .020” music wire and detail master pipe fittings DM-3032.
Air Compressors and Tank were 3D printed by Iceman collections.
3D Printed Ladder, Lunch box and air ride control box by shadowcraft_customs
LS3 Engine from Jpscustomsmctwheels with Chevrolet valve covers from the Revell ‘66 Suburban kit
Chevy Rally wheels by Steve Zimmerman
Photoetched Christmas Tree Air Fresher and Key can Key Chain by Model Car Garage
Photoetched Radiator face panel by Detail master Dm-2490.
Radiator hoses from Parts by Parks
Sending Unit wire, Compressor power wire by Detail Master
Ratchet Strap by highlight Model Studio modified with a different color (green) strap from hobby lobby
Discs brakes and rotors by Pegasus Wheels
Floor Mats from the Outlaw Artist
Dash Gauges from bestmodelcarparts on ebay