Chrome coating on model cars: Chrome plating plastic car parts.

For over a century, automobile manufacturers have blended leather and chrome in the interiors of vehicles to create a luxurious appearance and feel.

However, several automakers have recently discontinued the use of chrome in an attempt to save money. Instead of the chrome dials and frills that consumers used to anticipate, many automobiles now sport less expensive plastic additions.

Chrome coating on model cars
Chrome coating on model cars

You may alter the appearance of your car’s interior by adding chrome elements. Chrome may now be added to practically any sort of surface, even plastic. Here are five distinct methods for transforming plain plastic components into chrome.

Chrome coating on plastic

Chrome coating on plastic
Chrome coating on plastic

Plastic, like metal, may be chrome plated. This approach requires you to deliver the plastic pieces you want to chrome plate to a plating facility.

Before applying the chrome, the plating business will cover your component with layers of nickel and copper. This procedure is only suitable for stiff plastic components, since flexible plastic may rupture during the process.

Additionally, typical chrome plating takes longer and is more costly than the other solutions available.

Metalizing in a vacuum

Metalizing in a vacuum
Metalizing in a vacuum

Vacuum metalizing, which is often used in the fabrication of flashlight reflectors, is another method for converting plastic components to chrome-coated ones. This procedure coats your plastic pieces with a base coat and then exposes them to an aluminum vapor cloud.

The vapor cloud adheres to the surface of the plastic item, creating a sheen comparable to that of chrome. A disadvantage of this method is the time and price needed in shipping your item, which significantly increases the time required to complete your vehicle’s change.

Spray paint in chrome

Spray paint in chrome
Spray paint in chrome

A low-cost alternative is to use chrome spray paint. One benefit is that you may do this at home in your garage or at work in your shop. One downside of chrome paint for plastic is that it resembles silver spray paint rather than pure chrome. If you are not cautious, the base coat will also show through.

Chrome-plated film

Chrome film is offered in two types: stretch and non-stretch. These are self-adhesive films. The stretch types enable the film to be wrapped over curved surfaces.

Non-stretch variants may only be utilized on flat surfaces. One apparent disadvantage of utilizing chrome film for interior components on your car is that it is prone to wrinkle. Chrome film, being a sort of laminate, is likewise easily torn, gouged, or scratched, and lacks the strength and feel of genuine chrome.



PChrome is a spray-on chrome for plastic that has the same brilliant appearance and robustness as conventional chrome plating. It may be used in the garage or the shop and has the same high-gleam gloss and feel as chrome.

It is quite flexible, since it can be used for any size component and binds nicely to practically anything. It is available in a variety of popular colors, including blue, red, gold, and silver. Among the several methods for converting plastic to chrome, spray chrome is arguably the most effective.

Due to the fact that it may be applied on-site, it enables you to save time. Additionally, it is cost effective, costing around 25% of the price of typical chrome plating.

F.A.Q: Chrome coating on model cars.

How is a plastic model chromed?

5 Techniques for Converting Plastic to Chrome
Chrome plating on plastic. Plastic, like metal, may be chrome plated.
Metalizing by vacuum….
Chrome spray paint….
Chrome film….
Spray chrome…

Is it possible to chrome plate plastic?

Is It Possible to Plate All Plastic Components? Regrettably not. Chrome plating applies pressure to the plastic object, making it difficult to complete on flexible polymers without breaking them. Typically, we perform the operation on solid polymers that can withstand the heat.

How are chrome-plated plastic model pieces made?

The “chromed” components are put in a vacuum chamber where aluminum is evaporated using electrical filaments. Aluminum coating the plastic, creating a homogeneous, gleaming surface. Additionally, shops who conduct this technique cover the metal with a urethane clear finish, much like current paint jobs do.

Is it possible to chrome a plastic grill?

Yes, it is definitely conceivable, but the very high cost of work on onesy-twosies, compared to when automated machinery processes dozens of grills at a time, means that it will almost certainly cost far more than purchasing a chrome plated one from Ford, should they produce them.


While you won’t be converting plastic to chrome, you may give inexpensive plastic items a high-end chrome polish. To choose the best spray chrome kit for your specific project, you’ll want to pick one that meets your requirements. will answer Chrome coating on model cars.

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