CMGH on the Road


Name: Balázs Kisgyörgy, Kornél Maros, Blanka Timári, Dávid Ráb
Location: Hungary
Photographer: Blanka Timári
Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima, Fujimi, Tamiya, DiOlex Production, Master Box, Scratchbuilt
Kits used in the diorama:
Master Box pinup girl
Tamiya ’88 Porsche 911
Fujimi VW Golf 3 with the Variant transkit from DiOlex production7
Aoshima Brian James Trailer 
Noname Resin girl figure
Tamiya Service set figure modified to photographer

This diorama represents a highway parking lot with a playground. All figures are modified from the original ones, and were done by Blanka Timári. The cars were built by Balázs Kisgyörgy and Kornél Maros, with special help of Dávid Ráb. The base, accessories, toys are all scratchbuilt, since when you have a real car is important to have accessories in it. The diorama won a bronze prize at the 2019 Mosonshow Scale Modelling competition in Hungary, in the category of Master Civilian Dioramas.