Custom Pepsi Sprint Car

Name: Jason Smith
Location: Northern Indiana
Photographer: Jason Smith
Brand name of kit(s): Monogram
Kit: Monogram 1:24 scale TMC Trucking Sprint Car Kit No. 2776

Decals: Powerslide #55 Pepsi Tiny Lund Camaro set, Gopher Decals Drag Racing Goodies Set, and Retro Racing Contingency Racing Decal Set

Main Colors: Tamiya XF-2 and X-2 White, Tamiya X-7 Red, Polly Scale Prussian Blue
Engine/Exhaust: Testors Burn Iron (Base), Testors Dark Anodonic Grey (Dry Brush over engine), Burnt Metal (Exhaust)
Accents/Misc Colors: Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black, Tamiya XF-3 Yellow, and the Molotow Chrome Pen (touch up chrome pieces)

Build Overview:
This kit was a custom build I started a few years ago, and finished in mid 2017. I picked up the kit for about $4 U.S. at a thrift store. The build was a straight forward Out of the Box build, with some wiring done to fill in the engine compartment, and a wire run to symbolize the breakline to the rear brakes. This was my first attempt at “detailing” an engine and I am pretty happy with the result. Just to note these kits are definately showing their age, and have quite a few ejector pins that are usually in the worst places (such as on the outside corners of the wings, and in the radiator grilling). Also the kit had quite a bit of “burring” around on the tube chassis parts. It took a while to get it all back together, but the patience in the build paid off.

So the paint job is a complete custom job. I wanted to use the overall sides of the car to resemble the “Swoosh” pattern of the late ’70’s, early ’80’s, PEPSI logo. I started by giving everything a coat of XF-2 mixed about 50/50 with Thinners. I used the flat White as it gives much better coverage than the Gloss X-2 White. Once that coat was down, and I was happy with the results I glossed it up with a top coat of X-2 White. This gave it the gloss white without 20 coats of paint. I then carefully masked up the upper wing, Front Wing, hood, Driver Protective Panel, and Fuel Cell; test fitting often to ensure the desired design would be accomplished. I then sprayed the 2 Accent colors (X-7 Red and Prussian Blue). Once all of these were painted I started applying the decals.

The kit came with no decals so I hopped online to find a good set to use. As I needed 5 numbers (2 for the wing, 2 for the fuel cell, and 1 for the main roof) I started looking at decals with two numbers the same (11,22,33…). I found this set and also loving the old Pepsi logos, I decided I wanted to use this set. One great thing about Powerslide Decals, is on the sets where the original had a gold/chrome leaf decal, they print them in a chrome/gold leaf. I used 2 Contingency sets to get all of the decals I wanted for my build. As a note, the Retro Racing Sprint Car Contingency decal set is okay, however the decal quality is a little bit grainy, and the decals are a bit on the thick side, so they did take some work to “bury” them in; but on the other hand as they are the only option for the Retro Sprint Car decals I made them work. The Gopher and Powerslide decals went down beautifully with just a light bit of Mr. Mark Softener and Setter. As the decals were the Chrome Silver, I did not apply any top coat.