Doctor Cranky Ford Truck

Builder: Virgil Suarez (Dr. Cranky)
Location: FL.
Brand name of kit: Revell
It was love at first sight as soon as I opened the kit. The crisp and clean white styrene parts. A kit with not an overwhelming number of parts, the perfect weekend builder. The more I looked over the sprues, I started to drool. I wanted to get this build started.

The idea of a ground up resto job appeared in my mind. I wanted to paint the chassis and the engine in basic metallics: aluminum, steel, silver, chrome, gunmetal and brass.

The body would hide the fact that under the hood and the bed and cab of this truck would be a monster waiting to beat any competition.

I used my usual salt techniques and acrylic paint layering. The rest is the history of this build coming together in less than a weekend.