Dear Scaleworld,

I’m Thomas from Eightyone. How are you?
I would like to introduce last year Eightyone’s works and some of the model cars we really hope we can put them on
At the 2014, we travel to Tokyo joined the TAS2014 and meet with the presidents – Kei Miura-san, Kato-san and Ueda-san Bensopra CEO. Also we bring the model cars give to presidents as gift, appreciate that their effort and bring the ideas lead the car culture. Really have great time at Tokyo.

When we back to Hong Kong (oops, yes, I’m HongKonger) we continue to stay close with the “wide body bunny style” doing our product line close with Tra Kyoto, Liberty Walk and Bensopra. Such as Rocket Bunny S13, Rocket Bunny “rainbow”, Liberty Walk BMW M3, Rocket Bunny V2 86, Liberty Walk 458… Also we have some project with Canada car shop “NextMOD” we doing his Liberty Walk R35.

And I think everyone who love cars, who will never forget him : Paul Walker. The latest GTR he used at Fast and Furious film. Which is R’s Tuning Ricky’s Bensopra R35 in matt metallic blue.

Certainty, I’m Speedhunters reader, here is one of my personal work to replica the Rotiform 964 in scale

Not only the wide body, low and slow, track and function we also mad with it. Here is some serious build for the MCR R34, the real one also reported from Speedhunters earlier.

When I first check with SpeedHunters and found this monster show in my screen, I lick the screen many time, the Greddy 35RX. The body job take me 2 months to complete.

When we back from TAS2014, we take many pictures and many reference can be replica in scale models. The Top Fuel S2000RR is one of our project now and it will be release soon. And this monster will be join the WTAC 2014!

The prototype we made it by hand, the prototype builder from Thailand, he is Toppi. And my friend Andy Chu response the wheels (Advan TCIII) and tires (Advan A050) 3D drawing this time.

Thank you
Best regards
Thomas Wong
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