FRS Powered by Boosted Rotary

Name: Pete
Location: Yonkers NY
Brand name of kit: Aoshima
Motor & wheels are from, Color is from, Primer & Clear are from Tamiya spray can.
This car was built for the Diversified Scalerz MCC club show on Saturday Semptember 30, 2017 at 1 Pal Drive, Wayne NJ. FOr the rotary engine sub theme/parking lot display. Trunk is glue open to display the air system. Turbo, intercooler & pipping are from Interior is box stock except for the flocking. Hood has a carbon fiber decal from, wheels are a 3piece resin, lips were chrome using the chrome liquid refill shot using airbrush. face is tamiya white also shot w airbrush, the gold rivets where painted on with a paint brush using Testor gold paint.