FuelMe Models Honda Civic Type R FD2 Resin Transkit

We bring you another “Whats in the box” this time its from Fuel Me Honda Civic Type R FD2 full resin kit. This transkit retails at $120.00 US dollars. & have to say shipping was very fast from China to New York. If you are having trouble reading their website & is wondering how you can get one of these or any other of their products, just send them an email.

Package was will package & no damage at all to items.

The body and most of the items come very clean with close to no clean up except for the wheels & tires. This kit also looks like it will easily go together as most parts have mounting points.

As for the glass, I’m not too sure how people will react to them, as they seem to be like a decal or very thin clear resin and come already trim painted.

If your thinking of getting this kit & cutting the hood open to drop in a motor, think twice cause the resin is very thick. I will let the images do the rest of the talking.