Highway Eater

Name: Eduardo Ortiz
Location: Fort Worth, TX.
Photographer: 124_ortizmodels
Brand name of kit(s): Tamiya Toyota Supra Mk4
The base kit was the Tamiya Toyota Supra Mk4, used the slicks from the AMT drag tire pack(rear tires only), then stole the front tires off from a diecast drag style mustang.
Used the Fujimi 14″ Super Street wheels, had to be customized to with with the tires.
Then used the 2jz single turbo kit from Model Meister. Also uses the TRD spoiler that was created by Zoom On.
I scratch built the intercooler piping, turbo inlet, blow-off valve, downpipe, whole exhaust system, muffler, roll cage, fire extinguisher, front chin spoiler, gear stick, fuel line, brake lines, nitrous lines, and battery cables.