Interview with Ricardo Pedro

SW: Tell us your full name and country that you hail from?

RP: Ricardo Pedro, from Portugal.

SW: When did you start building models?

RP: Started in September of 2016 just for fun brought at the time a airplane and got hooked until today.

SW: How long have you been in the hobby?

RP: Nearly 3 years.

SW: Who was your mentor or the person you looked up to?

RP: Well I can’t say I had a mentor, but I can say when I started I did look to the big names of modelling world and said “one day I want to do this at this level”, but many people did help me out trough this 3 years as well as I learnt a lot from my self trying new techniques and many many fails until I had find the right way to do it.
Some names I can mention, Imran Malik, Robert Riley, David Thibodeau and many other names that I can’t thank enough for their tips and hints.

SW: What category do you like to build the most?

RP: That’s a hard question, I do like a bit of everything, but F1 from the 50´s, Motorbikes, Le Mans and just purely any classic Italian car.

SW: What has been your favorite build?

RP: My favorite build by far is the Porsche 956 Swap Shop based on a Tamiya Kit with a good few scratch built parts.

SW: What has been your favorite moment in the hobby. Trophies, notoriety etc?

RP: The most iconic moment was when I own the best civil and best paint job in Scalemodelworld show known as Telford model show in UK in November 2017 just after a year of coming into the hobby. But I do enjoy a lot when I build something for a customer and get his reaction of the work I have done.

SW: What is your favorite part of building., opening, painting, detailing?

RP: I don’t really have a favorite as I do enjoy all the stages of the building but polishing or scratch building its probably were I pickup some mojo to get it over the line.

SW: Whats your favorite model show you attended?

RP: Telford Model show as I haven’t been in many shows since I started, more than a model show is were I meet some people that we talk over the year, sharing ideas, techniques and other model related stuff.

SW: What model show would you like to attend that is on your bucket list?

RP: Shizuoka Model show is on the top of the list without a doubt.

SW: Most memorable awards?

RP: The Awards that I own in 2017 in Telford are recorded and never gonna be forgotten as it was a huge achievement after just 1 year after starting.

SW: Were do you see the hobby going in the next 10 years?

RP: That’s a good question, there is a lot in the hobby that will be changing with the 3d printing technology. I think were we gonna see more improvement will be in the quality of the models after being built, those days its not a secret how to achieve spotless paint jobs. The problem I see now is the young people not coming into the hobby and that might kill it a small bit.

SW: Who do you look up to in the hobby?

RP: I have a few reference names as I follow such as Sthepane Duferne, Chan Rosso, Fred Suber, Robert Riley and many other names.

SW: How did you hear about and what do you think of their site?

RP: By following the Facebook page.

SW: Do you have a multimedia account people can follow along with your builds?

RP” Yes I have either Instagram @scalelabmodels or Facebook as well as my personal website which is being done again as it will have a online shop for some of the products I’m developing for our hobby.

Thanks to Richard Pedro & John M. Stancliff