Interview with Sasha Müller

Welcome to our new section as we interview some of the great molders world wide. Our first interview is from our great friend Sasha Müller. Interviewer is John M. Stancliff from Gap Hill Speed Shop. Threw out the interview we will include some of Sasha builds.

SW: Who are you and were are you from?

Sasha: Sasha Müller from Germany, next to Dortmund.

SW: When did you start the hobby?

Sasha: I started 2008.

SW: Who inspired you or mentored you in the hobby?

Sasha: I was inspired from the
My mentors are Alessandro Prini, Fabrice Maréchal and Stephane Dufrene.

SW: Types of models did you start building?

Sasha: Tamiya DTM Mercedes CLK, Opel Calibra, Alfa.

SW: What are your favorite types of model kits cars, race cars, etc. ?

Sasha: I´m a big fan of Le Mans 24h race cars, GT and prototype, but also Japanese tuning cars.

SW: How long did it take you before you were in magazines?

Sasha: 3 years.

SW: Did you ever think to see where the hobby has gone in the past couple of years with all the trans kits and resin kits?

Sasha: I have been building resin kits for many years. Due to the technical development with CAD and 3D printing, it is not surprising that so many good resin kits are coming onto the market.

SW: Out of all your builds which one are you the most proud of?

Sasha: My Aoshima Pagani which I built as master for the Spielwaren Messe in Nürnberg.
The Pagani sales manager himself checked my model car.

SW: Where would you like to see the hobby go in the next couple years?

Sasha: I would wish that the big manufacturers would listen more to the interests of the model builders and bring some attractive new vehicles.

SW: Do you think Tamiya and Aoshima will produce more new kits or old releases?

Sasha: This will always be a mix of new and old kits, they want to earn money. Developing new kits costs a lot of money. Especially the license fees.

SW: What model show is your favorite one to attend?

Sasha: Belgium, Jabbeke, “On The Road”.

SW: What model show would you like to attend that you would love to go to?

Sasha: Shizuoka Hobby Show.

SW: What do you think of

Sasha: Nice page, unfortunately many pictures are blurred.

SW: To help us out, what are some tips on building a show worthy model?

Sasha: You need a plan and a lot of patience.

SW: What is more exciting for you opening a new kit, building it, or painting it?

Sasha: Painting.

SW: Before you start a build can you see what it would look like finished or do you build as you go?

Sasha: Yes, I already have a picture in front of my eyes, but sometimes it develops while building, like with my Ford GT.

Thank you Sasha & John.