Kia car models 2022. List of kia vehicles’ prices.

Keep up with everything going on in the world of Kia is a key part of what we do here. In both the United States and the rest of the world, there is always something new to see in terms of redesigns, facelifts, and new models.

kia car models 2022
kia car models 2022

The Kia R&D department is expected to release many new models in the following months, making 2022 a very busy year.With so much going on, we thought it’d be a good idea to look at the changes coming to the Kia model lineup in 2022, so let’s get started.

Kia is a Korean automobile manufacturer.

Kia is a Korean automobile manufacturer.
Kia is a Korean automobile manufacturer.

Originally known as Kyungsung Precision Industry, Korean International Automotive produced steel tubing and bicycle components. It was only in 1952 that the name was altered, and it began producing vehicles and motorcycles in collaboration with Honda and Mazda.

Between 1973 and 1981, the Brisa was the first series to have the logo. The firm did not resume manufacturing until 1986. Since then, the company has grown and received international recognition. It has also formed a strong bond with Hyundai, with both companies having large stakes in the other. There are now 20 different bodies in the world, with some being unique to specific places.

Kia Sportage hybrid 2022

Kia Sportage hybrid 2022
Kia Sportage hybrid 2022

It will be a completely new Kia Sportage that will be introduced in 2022. The Sportage is Kia’s longest-running nameplate, and the new model will get a complete redesign, with considerable upgrades in safety, ride, and powertrain, as well as a new style. For the first time, the Kia Sportage will offer hybrid and plug-in hybrid models in 2022.

Minivan Kia Carnival 2022

We tend to think of minivans as dull, but Kia will break the mold in 2022 with a vehicle that resembles a large SUV. The all-new Carnival minivan exterior design, as well as the renovated inside, which will seat 7 or 8 people, is very stunning.

The Kia Carnival in 2022 will be built on a whole new platform and will have AWD for the first time (only available in S. Korea). There are several safety features on board, yet this beautiful new minivan will remain inexpensive.

Kia K5 sedan, 2022

Kia K5 sedan, 2022
Kia K5 sedan, 2022

The 2022 Kia K5, which will replace the perennially popular Optima, is expected to be nearly identical to the 2021 model. There may be some new color possibilities and small tweaks to the trimmings and packaging, but don’t expect any major changes.

2022 Kia Seltos

2022 Kia Seltos
2022 Kia Seltos

The 2022 Kia Seltos will get the similar treatment, with new color options and trim level adjustments but no further revisions. The Seltos will be available in an all-electric powertrain version for the worldwide market. That is not something we will see in the United States at this time.

Kia Sorento 2022

We don’t foresee any modifications for the 2022 Kia Sorento because it had a complete redesign for the 2021 model year.

Kia Soul 2022

Kia Soul 2022
Kia Soul 2022

Since its introduction, the boxy Kia Soul has been a fan favorite among crossover drivers, but there isn’t much to report about the 2022 model. Things should stay the same, with the exception of certain trim level and package modifications.

The 2022 Soul EV variant is still expected to arrive in the United States next year. The all-electric Soul was meant to be introduced a few years ago, but delays have caused it to be delayed.

Kia Telluride 2022

Despite no substantial revisions planned for the 2022 year, the Telluride has received several honors and has established itself as a top seller for Kia USA.The Nightfall Edition bundle, which is still in high demand across the United States, is anticipated to continue in place.

More color possibilities, similar to what we saw last year with the debut of the Wolf Gray exterior color, might be one update for the Kia Telluride in 2022.

Will there be a Kia pickup truck for the 2022 model year?

Will there be a Kia pickup truck for the 2022 model year?
Will there be a Kia pickup truck for the 2022 model year?

Given that Kia has never had a pick-up truck in their lineup, the excitement surrounding this vehicle is understandable.

While there is no official confirmation on whether or not a pick-up truck will be part of the next Kia model lineup in 2022, you get the impression that they will follow sister brand Hyundai, who just debuted the Santa Cruz pick-up.
A Kia pickup is still on our dream list, and maybe 2022 will be the year we see it come to fruition.

Kia Optima 2022 (no longer available)

Since previously stated, the Kia Optima is no longer available in the US Kia lineup, as the K5 sedan has taken its place. To get a sense of what to expect from the 2022 Kia K5, go back to our article on the car.

Facelifted Kia Stinger in 2022

The Kia Stinger is the company’s quickest and, arguably, best-looking car, and it will receive a few modest updates for 2022. The upgrades will be both inside and out, although the 2022 Stinger will not appear significantly different than it does now. The ride will be tweaked to improve it even further, which is great!

Kia Rio 2022

Kia Rio 2022
Kia Rio 2022

There isn’t much to say about the Kia Rio 2022. It’s difficult to estimate how much longer this model will be available in the United States because it’s never been a big seller.

The Rio is a terrific little car, but tiny crossovers have taken over the market in North America. The Sonet crossover is expected to replace the Rio, but whether this happens with the 2022 model is unknown.

2022 Kia Forte

The Kia Forte is slated to get a mid-cycle makeover for the 2022 model year, with sales starting in late 2021 or early 2022, according to rumors.

Kia EV cars will be available in the 2022 model year.

Kia EV cars will be available in the 2022 model year.
Kia EV cars will be available in the 2022 model year.

Kia always has something fresh and interesting to offer, and the 2022 model year will be no exception. The EV6, a brand-new all-electric crossover, is expected to arrive in the United States next year.

The 2022 Kia EV6 electric crossover will be based on the just-released e-GMP platform and will have a 300-mile range on a single charge and an 18-minute charging time (0-80%) on a DC charger. According to rumors, a new Kia Niro EV and hybrid, as well as numerous other electrified vehicles, will be released in 2022.

List of Kia Vehicles’ Prices

List of Kia Vehicles' Prices 
List of Kia Vehicles’ Prices

264 horsepower Kia Amanti  $26,045 3.8L V6 Gas
276 horsepower Kia Borrego  $26,245 3.8L V6 Gas
290 horsepower Kia Cadenza  $37,850 3.3L V6 Gas
290 horsepower Kia Carnival  $32,300 3.5L V6 Gas
Kia EV6 167 horsepower Electric Vehicle  $40,900
Kia Forte 147 horsepower 2.0L Inline-4 Gas   $17,890
180 horsepower Kia K5  1.6L Gasoline Turbo Inline-4  $23,590
365 horsepower Kia K900  Gas 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6  $59,900
Kia Niro 139 horsepower Hybrid 1.6L Inline-4  $24,690

Kia Models for 2022

Stop to learn more about these 2022 Kia cars, as well as others like the Telluride, Kia K5, Kia Forte, and more. We’ll assist you in determining which model is ideal for your needs and budget.

F.A.Q: Kia car models 2022.

What new Kia automobiles are on the way?

Model Changes and New Kia Vehicles for 2022

Kia Sportage hybrid 2022 It will be a completely new Kia Sportage, which will be introduced in 2022.
2022 Kia Carnival minivan.
2022 Kia K5 sedan.
2022 Kia Sorento.
2022 Kia Soul.
2022 Kia Telluride.
2022 Kia Optima (no longer available).
2022 Kia Stinger facelift.

Will there be a Kia Rio in 2022?

In comparison to its predecessor, the 2017 Kia Rio has received a redesign and now has digital air conditioning, a multifunction steering wheel, and automatic door locks. The petrol MHEV powertrain in the 2022 Kia Rio produces up to 118 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque.

Will there be a Kia Soul in 2022?

The Kia Soul for 2022 has just minor revisions. The manual gearbox from last year has been retired. Kia has introduced a few additional standard amenities to the mid-level trims, as well as a new LX Technology Package to the base trim that allows customers to add sophisticated safety features.

What is the name of the new Kia?

Because of its roomy and well-appointed cabin, huge load space, and modern technology, the 2022 Kia Telluride takes the top position in our midsize SUV rankings.


A decent commuter car has excellent gas mileage, agile handling, modern safety systems, and a spacious cabin. Do it in a Kia the next time you join the frantic mob known as rush hour. Choose the vehicle that’s ideal for you from Kia’s family of top commuter vehicles using the information above. will answer kia car models 2022.

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