Lucky Seven/John Osteen Bailey Supercars





Name: Keith Bailey
Location: King, NC
Photographer: Keith Bailey
Brand name of kit(s): Revell Porsche 911 turbo
“Lucky Seven / John O’Steen / Bailey Supercars ” track day
1985 Porsche 911 turbo

Base kit: Revell/monogram 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo, 1/24 scale

My custom modifications to this kit include:

• Adding strip styrene to the inside walls and floorboard to replicate the factory flooring
and wall area

• Adding custom side door panels and side walls from a Tamiya Porsche 911

• Adding rear seat bucket and back to replace the factory rear seating area

• Adding a Tamiya porsche 911 dash and roll cage

• Adding a custom racing seat that I covered with embossing powder to replicate a
terry cloth covering

• Adding a Scale Motorsports racing seat belt harness kit

• Adding photo etch speaker grills on the package tray

• Replacing kit wheels and tires with the Fujimi 18″ Panasport wheels kit and supplied
tires rotors and brakes

• Heavy modification to the the kit’s factory front bumper and air dam by removing all of
the molded in rubber parts and the driving lights

• Heavy modification to the kit’s factory rear bumper by removing the rubber boobies,
all the rubber stripping, and the rubber accordion booting

• Adding a custom made tow ring on the front and back of the car using styrene tubing

• Drilling out the kit supplied head light buckets and adding real incandescent bulbs to
replicate stock lighting, then painted the lens covers in yellow

• Adding three piece photo etch hood pins to the front hood and rear engine cover

• Adding Zeus fasteners at the bottom rear corners of the front fenders

• Adding hand made exhaust pipe tubing

• Adding a rear wing/deck lid from a Tamiya Porsche 911 kit

• Adding hand cut side windows from clear plastic sheet

• Replaced the kit supplied “flag” style door mirrors with round door mirrors found in a
Italeri Porsche 911 carrera cabrio

• Added a three panel wink driving mirror and mounts – Wink mirror and mounts
are scratch built items.

• Modifying the wiper arm so it looks more realistic

• Custom printed NC license plate and P/E license plate frame – custom printed VIR
track day plate on front of car

• Front bumper, rear bumper and rocker panels were covered with
SMS carbon fiber decal

• Dash board was covered with SMS carbon fiber decal

• Suspension ride height was adjusted to reflect a track use stance

• Removed the wheel spats from the rear fenders