Oh man where to start? Thank you so much to David “Mr.Minidreams” for taking on the challenges I sent him and making them into pieces of art. This first car is Mustang Cobra II he had in his stash, I had hit him up after watching a few of his videos on youtube & asked him if he would consider in building a car for us and make a video to help promote scaledworld & we are so glad he said yes and ask what I wanted. I sent him few cars & parts, but he quickly pulled the cobra out of his stash & began to build & make progress videos & the end product was this beautiful purple with scratch built wheels & tires, resin speakers on the rear deck. 




The second car is a Revell VW Rabbit that I had started and totally screw up and was going to be put in part box & Mini was nah man send it to me & let me see what I can came up with. So I did and what a beauty this rebuild became from the awesome two tone paint job and the few scratchbuilt items. 



following is the Tamiya Subaru BRZ with eightyone81.com rocket bunny transkit. This car again I had started & sent to Mini for another rebuild & gave him the freedom to what ever he wanted to do with  it and he again made a beautiful rebuild not only saving this kit but the money spent on the RB transkit, thanks mini…




Now this Tamiya Honda Today was a quick build for Mr.minidreams that he pick up at his local show & put his magic touch to it.


I had this Honda S2000 laying around the house & didn’t want to toss it or leave it in my part box so I ask mini if he was up for another rebuild & he quickly said yes. He quickly grab it and open the hood & trunk and adding an engine w turbo and a few watch parts and in the rear trunk he added some resin subs & amps and to top it off he scratchbuilt the ground effects & cut and made side scoops & added a Porsche hood grill to really make this s2000 stand out from rest. 




And the last build is just wow me. Its a resin Mazda Rx2 from Alex Yamil from ATResin on Facebook, engine is from eightyone81.com and tons tons of scratch build parts. David really out did himself on this one. 




Thank you Mr. minidreams for taking time out to create these masterpieces for us.

stay tune for more builds from Mr.Minidreams for us & others.

Short film we uploaded on Youtube…