MiniDreams Acura-012

MiniDreams Acura-005

MiniDreams Acura-013

Name: David (Mr. Minidreams YouTube)
Location: Missouri
Photographer: Petegridie
Brand name of kit(s): Revell 1/25 Acura Integra Type R


The wheels are from the revell snap and play 2015 mustang get with early 90s revell lowrider tires sanded out to a low profile. Body kit is all hand made ,the right mirror mount removed , no rear fin The paint is all custom mixed Matrix, and clear is Nason . Carbon fiber is from Prima Rc. Decals from a D1 drift Silvia from Aroshmia. Motor is wired.

MiniDreams Acura-008

MiniDreams Acura-009

Here’s a shot with Petegridie Acura Integra Type R.
MiniDreams Acura-017

MiniDreams Acura-018