Mk1 Golf GTI stanced with Racing Hart Turbofan

Name: Chang Baek
Location: Toronto
Photographer: Changhoon Baek
Brand name of kit(s): Revell
It’s a fairly new kit from Revell Germany and has Fujimi EM kit rivaling details (full suspension, engine and interior details without absurd amount of fragile parts.

As the stock kit comes with little steelies, I decided to make a stanced look with one of my period correct spare wheel set (Racing Hart’s turbofan style wheels)from Fujimi mk2 GTI kit, paired with stretched tires from Aoshima. They’re a bit too big and wide for my personal preferences, but I think it does a decent job reenacting the build that you would typically see at H2O/Waterfest/SEMA.

And to make dark metallic blue in the real car, I used 2 layers of Mr Color C328 blue with XC08 moonstone which gives very subtle pearl metallic effect (which you can mix or overcoat) and laid 2 layers of Tamiya X-22 clear with 3000 grit between every coat to minimize orange peel. Once it’s been dried, I used the usual Tamiya compounds to polish the body.

Also I added a few vacuum hoses, ignition and battery wires as well as fuel lines to simulate k-jetronics in the engine bay.