Mobius 1965 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon

Name: David Shawn (Mr.Minidreams)
Location: MO
Brand name of kit: Mobius
It started out as the Mobius 1965 Plymouth Belvedere. I took an AMT 1965 Chevelle wagon and used the roof to make a custom 2dr wagon. I also use the Revell Magnum wagon kit for the running gear and exhaust system. Wheels are from Zman from Facebook. Motor has been detailed and the rear of the wagon interior was all hand made and has a wood floor. The rest of the interior has been flocked, photo etched and seat belts added along with design door panels, paint is from DuPont and is cataloged as 77 ford Brown and 67 Plymouth sunflower yellow and is cleared with Nason clear.