Model car chrome foil. A step – by – step guide to using metal foil for chrome trim.

Model automobile making is one of America’s most popular pastimes. People have been making copies of their favorite automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles since the 1920s. Getting the trim perfect is one of the most critical aspects of working on a model automobile. Model car manufacturers used to paint the trim with items like chrome pens.

model car chrome foil
model car chrome foil

However, painting the trim with chrome pencils might be untidy; instead, use metal foil for your model car’s trim. We’ll go through how to apply metal foil on a model automobile below so you can get your car’s trim just right.

Chrome pens vs. metal foil pens

chrome pens vs. metal foil pens
chrome pens vs. metal foil pens

The two most frequent methods for finishing a model car’s trim are metal foil and chrome pens. Hobbyists produce chrome trimmings with pen-like products called chrome pens. The following are some factors to think about while using chrome pens:

Their numerous applications include: Chrome pens are not created expressly for model vehicle painting, despite their popularity. Costume design, conventional paintings, and a variety of other creative endeavors are all typical uses for them.

Control issues:

If you’re a beginner model car builder, stay away from chrome pens while painting your automobile’s trim. Paint can flow over other sections of your model vehicle if you don’t have a steady hand.

In contrast, here are some considerations to make while working with metal foil:

If you are a beginner or don’t feel comfortable using paint, metal foil is the preferred option for detailing your model car’s trim. You won’t have to worry about paint dripping onto other sections of your automobile if you use metal foil.

Metal foil has been praised by model vehicle enthusiasts for its ease of removal. One advantage of utilizing it is that you can simply use another piece of foil if you make a mistake. It might be difficult to remove the paint from a chrome pen when you make a mistake.

Metal foil is also preferable than chrome pens for covering huge areas.

In modeling, what does metal foil do?

in modeling, what does metal foil do?
in modeling, what does metal foil do?

Other than autos, metal foil is frequently utilized. Hobbyists, for example, frequently use it to create the gleaming chrome finish seen on many World War II planes. Foil is frequently used to provide a chrome finish on model ships, railways, tractors, and other models.

Metal foil types for modeling

metal foil types for modeling
metal foil types for modeling

The two most common forms of metal foil used for modeling are adhesive and non-adhesive foil. If you don’t feel comfortable putting glue on foil, you can choose for the non-adhesive variety.

This kind is thinner and is very useful for beginners who are building automobile models. The foil sheets are available in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for any modeling project. In addition to chrome, non-adhesive foil is available in black, matte, copper, and gold.

Metal foils, such as those used for HVAC and plumbing, may be used to make a chrome trim on a model automobile using adhesive foils. These foils can be thicker than non-adhesive foils, which might make them difficult to use.

Supplies required for chrome trim made with metal foil

Supplies required for chrome trim made with metal foil
Supplies required for chrome trim made with metal foil

The majority of the materials you’ll need to make a chrome trim are common household items. If you don’t already have these supplies, they’re not too expensive to buy. Check that you have:
Metallic foil
Knives from X-ACTO.
Toothpicks, both flat and round
A knife with a straight edge.
Before putting the foil, wipe and dry the model vehicle with soapy water and a towel.

A step-by-step guide to using metal foil for chrome trim

a step-by-step guide to using metal foil for chrome trim
a step-by-step guide to using metal foil for chrome trim

Whether you’re using adhesive or non-adhesive metal foil to make a chrome trim, here are some general guidelines to follow:

File the toothpick’s tip to make it chiseled, which will aid in getting the foil into any possibly tiny spots.
Cut a piece of foil larger than the space you need to cover with a knife. You’ll want to start with excess foil so you can cut it down as required.

Start by trimming the foil to suit the space. Attach the foil to the windshield and rear window frame using your finger.

Smooth out the foil with the round toothpick, making sure there are no creases. The look of your model automobile might be ruined by crinkled foil.

Remove the extra molding by cutting around it with a sharp knife.
Work the foil into any crevices with the chiseled end of the flat toothpick.
Remove any extra glue off the foil with a towel if you used any sticky items.

Other considerations to consider, depending on your situation:

Windshield wipers are molded into several model automobiles. Cover the wipers individually before covering the windshield molding if your model car has them.

Applying metal foil to vent windows might be more difficult. Cut the required amount of foil to cover the vent windows before applying it.

Some of the most difficult moldings to hide are keyholes and door knobs. To cover a door handle, two pieces of foil may be required. If you need to use two pieces of foil, make sure to cut off any extra after you’re done.
You may also use foil to hide inside elements. Work carefully on the interior of the model automobile because you’ll be working in confined spots.

Buy model cars at the auto world store

Buy model cars at the auto world store
Buy model cars at the auto world store

Adding chrome trim to your model automobile with metal foil is a terrific way to go. The foiling supplies are affordable, and if you follow the directions attentively, you can easily improve the appearance of your model automobile. Metal foil, unlike chrome pens, does not require any paint that may end up on other sections of the automobile.

Check out the automobile collection from Auto World Store if you’re trying to expand your model car collection or start into the hobby. We specialize in scale model and die-cast automobiles, as well as various hobby model kinds such as model airplanes, ships, trucks, and other vehicles. For more information about our services, please contact us immediately!

F.A.Q: Model car chrome foil.

On a model automobile, how do you utilize aluminum foil?

And I put it on the model where I uh put aluminum foil. You may alternatively apply the adhesive on the back of the aluminum foil instead of the front.

Is it possible to paint Bare Metal foil?

Painting over foil is possible, but it requires attention, pampering, and the application of a clearcoat. Clear coat your bird once you’ve wrapped it with foil. Now add any other colors you need. For masking, use Post-Its, which have a low tack and won’t pull up your foil.

Does Chrome Paint Have a Chrome Finish?

Chrome spray paint gives the appearance of chrome plating for a fraction of the price. Electroplating is a significantly more difficult and expensive procedure than spray painting. It’s simple to use.

Is it possible to glue Chrome?

When gluing chrome to chrome, two-part epoxy glues that need mixing materials from two tubes to obtain the necessary adhesive work effectively. Silicone glues can also be used to join metals together.


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