1/32 Monogram Snap kit Truck

Name: Byron Mock
Location: Albury, Australia
Photographer: Byron Mock
Brand name of kit(s): Monogram 1:32 snap kit
Monogram 1:32 scale Mack R model! My inspiration to build came from a truck model in scale auto contest cars 2007. I started with the Monogram kit, you know- the one with the tack trailer. Ok so I cut and stretched the chassis for some wheelbase. From there I sized up a pair of polished alloy fuel tanks behind the cab then worked out mounting them. Next came scratch building the headache rack and base, battery boxes bellow the cab, front texas bar, steps on the chassis behind the left side fuel tank, tail lights and more! Cut the sleeper off the cab and made a rear daycab panel, cut out the window and glued into place. Finished with automotive 2part fine filler and undercoted. After market rear alloy guards fitted. Made and fitted 8 mudflaps for stone protection. Paint detailed the interior and modified the gear shifer. Detail painted everything including the chassis and suspension. Scratch built exhaust system running back the the engine. Pined on the suzy and made airlines. Undercoated all parts with Sikkens automotive spot primer in the spray can. All colour work was Tamya Spray can paint and and acrylics. Put about 50-60 hours into in. Now on to the trailer.