NNL East 31 Coverage

  This year NNL East was again an outstanding show, plenty of eye candy on tables & great vendors, my hat goes off to the Tri State Model Car Club for outstanding job. This year also was a bit of sad due to the passing of Blair Pletcher & happens that NNL East theme “in God we Rust” so they dedicated to him & the his club members from CPMCC brought some of his display & the truck he did for the show well me be going to museum up north for display. RIP Bliar you will be so miss.

Also this year Tri-State club invited Diversified Scalerz to bring their Honda Scale Meet table & have to say the turn out was great lots of nice hondas/acuras.

If you never been to NNL East, you should plan ahead and try to make it. you can visit them on the web at NNLEast.com as they just confirm booking til 2020 so you can guarantee this show is going on for awhile.

Want to apologize for some of the images might be blurry.