• MK4 Toyota Supra 2JZ

    Name : Liam_Murrin_88minicity Location: UK Brand of kit : Tamiya toyota supra Instagram: Liam_Murrin_88minicity Information: This model supra was built to replicate a real mk4 that i know of witch is one of very few UK spec mk4s that is ...
  • Hasegawa BMW 318i E36

    Name: Yushak Moningka Location: Jakarta – Indonesia Photographer: Yushak Moningka Brand name of kit(s): Hasegawa BMW 318i E36 Build information: – Tamiya Surface Primer – Tamiya TS51 Racing Blue – Tamiya TS13 Clear – Tamiya TS29 Semi Gloss Black
  • GTR LB Type 2 Ver. 2

    Name: Adam Śmiałek Location: Wrocław Poland Photographer: Adam Śmiałek Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima Information: Tamiya TS Yellow Resin cast BBS LM
  • Ford GT

    Name: Asi Erev Location: Danbury CT Photographer: Asi Erev Brand name of kit(s): Ford GT by Tamiya 1/24 scale Information: Ford GT by Tamiya 1/24 scale with custom carbon fiber decals design, custom metallic red paint
  • New Zealand Specilas

    Name: Tony Lucas Location: Christchurch New Zealand Photographer: Self Brand name of kit(s): Scratchbuilt Information: Scratchbuilt
  • 64 Dodge Protouring

    Name: Uelder Valongo Location: Campinas, SP, Brazil Photographer: Uelder Valongo Brand name of kit(s): 64 Dodge 330 Lindberg Information: 1964 Dodge 330 Lindberg. Lowered suspension, upgraded engine and wheels and aluminum end PE details.
  • 70 Camaro Bawling Notion

    Name: Bigblocks57 Information: I redone the rear suspension that was a lot of fun, narrow rear end, Lara bars disc brakes, fuel line, fuel pump, carburetor linkage, roll cage, invert the rear wheels.
  • Nissan Skyline GTR Jun Racing Tribute

    Name: Rohan Hocking Location: South Australia Photographer: Rohan Hocking Brand name of kit(s): Tamiya R33 GTR road car Information: Tamiya R33 GTR road car kit R33 GT LM front bumper conversion Scratch built front fender flares and canards Scratch built ...