Revell ’29 Roadster

Full Name: Dennis Ezmerlian
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Brand Name of kit: Revell ’29 Roadster
I built this kit as soon as it came out, using the ’29 roadster body on the channeled frame. I modified the front axle to get it as low as possible and still look realistic. I used the Caddy engine from Revell’s Merc Woody kit but made my own valve covers from original Jo-Han chrome units. They were too small so I de-chromed them and used styrene to make them fit the heads. I modified the Buick headers to fit the Caddy mill and drilled out the ends. I made motor mounts and transmission crossmembers to fit. I also cut off the auto trans and added a 4-speed from a Mustang. I added brake lines, wiring, fuel lines and linkages as well as hoses with photo-etch old style clamps. I made my own voltage regulator and coil as well as a few other bits. I used a stock ’32 grill shell from one of Revell’s ’32 kits and a photo-etch grill. I added the vintage NY plate behind the grill. The roadster kit has 3 sets of headlights, I used the largest and mounted them low, painted them black leaving just a hint of chrome around the lenses. The chopped windshield comes from Revell’s “Rat Roaster” kit and did not come close to fitting the ’29, so a lot of mods went into that. The dash was modified to accept a photo-etch panel, stock AMT ‘40 Ford steering wheel and a floor shift were added with a metal boot surround. Seat belts are just painted masking tape with some photo-etch hardware and of course it’s flocked. Wheels and tires came with the kit, but I added valve stems and Monogram ’41 Lincoln hubcaps. Tail lights are spun aluminum filled with clear red acrylic paint. Body is single stage maroon polished a bit, not TOO shiny, this is a vintage hot rod, not one of today’s big buck show cars!