Revell Datsun 510

Name: Luis Aguilar
Kit: Revell tuner series
Engine: O.S. Giken MA16 scratch built and casted by Jimmy Nilan aka gFuJimmyh
Wheels: Aoshima Techno Phantoms
Paint: Tamiya, silver base, NATO brown and Tan for sanded down for a patina rat rod look. Inspired by the gGarage Auto Heroh 510.
Interior: Aoshima retro bucket seats, and harness belts, back half roll bar, NASCAR dash cluster.

The build itself was 10 years in the making. I bought the kit in 2002 with the attempt to modify it, but only ended up hacking it up. Fast forward to 2010 and I started on it again. I had to rebuild the engine bay and rear wheel wells. I scratch built many parts for it as well. Like some suspension bits like rear sway bar and making the front wheels steer instead of being stuck along with some strut arms for caster. I also made an MSD 6AL box, MSD coil, oil filter relocation kit plumbed through the front mount oil cooler and back down to the oil pan, ram air funnel and tubing, a radiator overflow can, fuel lines going back to the fuel pump, roll bar and harnessf were also made along with the wink mirror. I took several parts from my parts box to complete this build, like a set of R32 rotors for the footwork, an S13 wing for the rear under spoiler and the mirrors from an Impala kit, oil cooler from an Aoshima kit. It took 2 years to come to its final outcome. All of which I can thank Jimmy on the fact that he made the engine, and it was was pushed me to finish it.