Revell De Rabbit

Name: John M. Stancliff
Location: PA
Brand name of kit: Revell
Information: Revell be rabbit kit or what left after the caddy build. I cut the front off and scratch built the frame and air ride system. I was able to use the door cards along with a left steering dash. I used Chevy seats and weathered it all to look worn. I scratch built the windshield as I used the original on the caddy. Wheels and tires are out of the new release 49 Ford kit and I used the VW little moons. I used a Ford rear and Chevy camaro front a arms with bags. The motor is a Chevy SB with Parts by Park aluminum air cleaner . it’s all wired and plumbed. I used the decals out of the 30 Ford kit and I lightly weathered the body. The roof rack and cooler are scratch built along with the skate board in the front seat. I also used duck tape for the headliner.