Revell VW Campervan Panel Van

Name: Liam Murrin
Location: UK
Photographer: murrins_custom_models
Brand name of kit(s): Revell vw t1 panel van Kastenwagen
This kit started off as the Jägermeister t1 panel van witch I decided not to go for the design on the box and wanted to do something different . I built the kit mainly as the instructions say to do apart from some small changes witch were that I lowed the suspension by a few mm because I wanted it to have a more functional look. Then for wheels they are from a ford mustang 2+2 fastback witch are painted in Tamiya gold leaf (x-12) . Then for the interior of the van I decided that I wanted to go for a well used truck look . Firstly I decided to add in an extra bench seat and then weather the floor by using some citadel nuln oil and the use of a revell weathering kit. The rest of the panel van is virtually a standard van apart from the colour. The blue that I used was ford vision blue metallic and for the gold I used a gold leaf metallic with small black flake the bumpers were both hand painted and hand cleared Tamiya chrome silver (x-11) and Tamiya clear (x-22). final note about this kit is that the only problem that I had with it was fitting the hatch that covers the engine compartment witch turned out it needed a bit of work to get it to fit correctly in the correct position.

List of all paints used :
Hycote ford vision blue metallic
motacare clear cote gloss
spraywell custom mix gold leaf with black flake
revell 08 black matt
revell 83 rust matt
revell 84 leather brown matt
revell 99 aluminium metallic
Tamiya x-19 smoke
Tamiya x-27 clear red
Tamiya x-22 clear
Tamiya xf-16 flat aluminium
Tamiya x-11 chrome silver
Tamiya x-26 clear orange
Tamiya x-12 gold leaf
Tamiya x-1 black gloss
mixed metallic blue
citadel nuln oil shade